Emergency 24-hour
03 363 9898
or 0800 363 9898

If you are concerned about the safety of any power lines, please call our emergency 24 hour contact centre on (03) 363 9898 or 0800 363 9898.

Transporting high loads can pose a risk when routes are not inspected properly. Overhead lines clearance from the road surface may have changed overtime as a result of road resurfacing, vehicle coming in contact with the poles or soil disturbances caused by nature.

A High Load consent is required when transporting loads with an overall height of 4.8 metres and higher to secure electricity supply and ensure safety to the general public. Approval will be given based on the height and application time frames stated below.

  • Trigger Height 1 (4.8m – 5.0m) 2 working days
  • Trigger Height 2 (5.1m – 5.3m) 3 working days
  • Trigger Height 3 (5.4m – 5.9m) 5 working days
  • Trigger Height 4 (6.0m – 6.2m) 10 working days
  • Trigger Height 5 (above 6.2m) check lines contractor availability

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